The Happiest Countries In The World

Denmark, renowned for its bicycle culture, is officially the happiest country in the world, according to the World Happiness Report Update 2016, released Wednesday by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the United Nations. The country bumped Switzerland down a rank from the No. 1 spot by just a few decimals. This year's World Happiness Report is written by a group of individual experts who evaluated 156 countries' well-being and lifestyle by measuring universally valuable constructs, like income, social support, having the freedom to make life choices and healthy life expectancy. For the first time the report, which launched in 2012, found...

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Venice, Italy

Venice (Italian: Venezia) is one of the most interesting and lovely places in the world. This sanctuary on a lagoon is virtually the same as it was six hundred years ago, which adds to the fascinating character. Venice has decayed since its heyday and is heavily touristed (there are 56000 residents and 20 million tourists per year), but the romantic charm remains. This place may not seem huge, but it is, and is made up of different boroughs.The most famous is the area comprising the 118 islands in the main districts that are called "Sestieri": Cannaregio, Castello, Dorsoduro, San Polo, Santa Croce...

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Pompeii [1] is in Campania, Italy, not far from Naples. Its major attraction is the ruined ancient Roman city of the same name, which was engulfed by Mt. Vesuvius in AD 79. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Romans took control of Pompeii around 200 BC. On August 24, 79 AD, Vesuvius erupted, burying the nearby town of Pompeii in ash and pumice, killing around 3,000 people, the rest of the population of 20,000 people having already fled, and preserving the city in its state from that fateful day. Pompeii is an excavation (It: scavi) site and outdoor museum of...

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Noisy, vibrant and truly multicultural, London is a megalopolis of people, ideas and frenetic energy. The capital and largest city of both England and of the United Kingdom, it is also the largest city in Western Europe and the European Union. Situated on the River Thames in South-East England, Greater London has an official population of a little over 8 million. However, London's urban area stretched to 9,787,426 in 2011, while the figure of 14 million for the city's wider metropolitan area more accurately reflects its size and importance. Considered one of the world's leading "global cities", London remains an international...

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How to Plan Your First Road Trip

Embed from Getty Images Road trips hold a special place in my heart. For our honeymoon, my husband and I embarked on a week long adventure traveling to different U.S. states. We figured, if we truly want to see the beauty of each state, the best way to do it is to go on a road trip. Aside from the routine trips to San Francisco, neither of us has experienced an all-American road trip. We didn't exactly know what we're getting ourselves into. Thankfully, my husband married quite the planner. After hours of research, I finally came up with a solid...

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Why Do Airplanes Dim Lights on Takeoff?

Lowering cabin lights and raising window shades are standard safety measures during takeoff and landing--the most critical moments of every flight. But what purpose do they serve? As it turns out, the dim lighting is a precautionary measure that allows passengers' eyes to adjust more quickly during an emergency evacuation. As Chris Cooke, a pilot with a major domestic carrier, puts it: "Imagine being in an unfamiliar bright room filled with obstacles when someone turns off the lights and asks you to exit quickly." The raised window shades bring natural light into the cabin, just in case it's needed. Lowering cabin lights...

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“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

St. Augustine